Woven wire mesh is a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to welded wire mesh. It also holds together without the fear of having a weld break loose and comes in a larger array of opening and wire sizes.


We manufacture many types and sizes of woven wire mesh in our Calgary factory, and carry many stock items in inventory at all times.

We're also happy to offer a "just in time" manufacturing option for custom sizes and special orders, with a relatively short turnaround time.

From construction to heavy industry, food processing to architectural applications, there are endless uses for woven wire screens, and we're happy to discuss your needs and options.




  • Basic Steel Woven Mesh
  • Stainless Steel Woven Mesh
  • Galvanized Woven Mesh


If you're just looking for a simple, cost effective woven wire mesh option, and corrosion is not a concern, our basic steel woven wire mesh is a good choice.

Woven Wire Mesh



If you need a corrosion resistant and food safe woven wire mesh, no matter what the application, our .304 Stainless Steel woven wire mesh range is the perfect choice.

Note that stainless steel woven mesh is available in a variety of apertures, manufactured from various wire diameters, and in various sheet widths. If you're not sure what works best for your application, feel free to speak to our sales team.

Woven Wire Mesh



Galvanized woven wire mesh is a middle of the road choice that offers a balance of cost effectiveness and corrosion resistance.

Note that galvanized wire should never be used in food processing applications due to toxicity, and care should be taken when welding galvanized materials.

Woven Wire Mesh



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