Expanded metal is often referred to as diamond punched, stretched metal or security mesh. Due to its method of manufacture, expanded metal is one of the most economical types of steel mesh or grating material on the market.

The strength of expanded metal runs along the long dimension, not the short dimension. Sheets of expanded generally come in 4’ short dimension and 8’ long dimension. The long dimension is approximately double that of the short dimension. Expanded metal open area percentage typically falls between 60% to 80%.

This product is ideal for security, decoration or traction applications.




  • Flat Expanded Metal
  • Raised Expanded Metal
  • Expanded Grating
  • Secura Clips


expanded metal flat
It takes an extra step to make flat or flattened expanded metal, which is passed through a special cold reducing mill to flatten the profile of the steel and elongate the pattern.

Where the thickness of the metal is a concern, or where you require a sleeker, smoother product, this extra effort makes all the difference.

Flat Expanded Metal



Expanded metal raised
Raised expanded metal is expanded metal in it's "raw" form.

Once the sheet of steel has passed through the expanding press, it emerges with natural ridges, known as strands and bolts.

These features enhance the strength of the sheet, and if you don't require a flat finish for a particular design, it's worth considering raised expanded metal for that reason.

Raised Expanded Metal



Expanded metal grating
Expanded grating is made in much the same way as regular expanded metal, but from a heavier duty material, which results in a heavier duty strand on the finished project.

This makes expanded grating more suited to applications where it will be load bearing, and if you need a profiled metal for a walkway or similar, this is a great choice.

Expanded Metal Grating



Secura Clips
There are many options for attaching expanded metal to frames, surfaces and more.

You can weld panels, use cover strips or bolts and large washers.

If you're looking for a ready made solution, however, we do carry an easy to use, purpose manufactured clip, known as a Secura clips. Simply buy them and bolt them!

Secura Clips



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