Fine mesh is used for the extraction of smaller particle material, or sometimes decoration. It is essentially made in the same way as woven wire screen, albeit on a much smaller scale. All of our fine mesh products are listed according to their corresponding mesh size.




  • Basic Steel Fine Mesh
  • Galvanized Steel Fine Mesh
  • Stainless Steel Fine Mesh


Basic Steel Fine Mesh
If cost is a factor, and you don't need a corrosion resistant coating, our basic steel fine mesh is a great choice.

Remember that this product will be prone to rusting if exposed to moisture, salt or industrial pollution, so please take this into account when designing your project or product.

Fine Mesh



Galvanized Fine Mesh
When fine mesh is galvanized, it becomes a good choice if you need corrosion resistance.

Do not use for food preparation or processing, and take care while welding, due to the toxicity of galvanizing when heated.

Fine Mesh



Stainless Steel Fine Mesh
Stainless steel fine mesh has applications in everything from decor and design to medicine and food production.

It's a little more costly, but safe even when heated, and corrosion resistant.

Fine Mesh



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