Perforated metal is sometimes referred to as punch plate. It is an alternative to expanded metal as it provides far more accurate hole sizing.


While perforated metal can be used in industrial applications, we find increasingly that there's a demand for this product in architecture and even for furniture and interior design. We're happy to work with designers to find the right product for their project.

Please note that at Continental Wire both we carry both domestic and Chinese perforated metal stock. Be sure to specify which type you want when ordering and be mindful that all Chinese stock is not as dimensionally accurate as the domestic stock.




  • Basic Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless
  • Decorative


Basic Steel Perforated
Our basic steel perforated metal sheets are available in a huge range of options.

Whether you plan to weld, paint, coat, or are just looking for a cost effective option, this is a great one.

Remember that untreated basic steel products will be prone to rusting, so please ensure that your design makes allowance for a coating of some kind,

Basic Steel Perforated Metal



Galvanized Perforated
If you're not using our perforated metal for food preparation, and you don't need to weld, galvanized steel offers a high quality, corrosion resistant and budget friendly option.

This perforated metal product balances strength with corrosion resistance and a competitive price, which makes it the number one choice for many applications.

Galvanized Steel Perforated Metal



Aluminum Perforated
When weight is a factor, and you don't need the strength of steel, perforated metal in aluminum is a great choice.

Aluminum is lightweight but not very strong, so please be sure to discuss the application for this product with your representative before placing an order.

Aluminum Perforated Metal



Stainless Steel Perforated
Available in both .316 and .304, stainless steel perforated metal can be used in food preparation and processing, architectural details and many other industries and applications.

This material is a little more costly, but it's innate corrosion resistance means you don't need to worry about coating for protection, which can be a cost and time saver.

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal



Decorative Perforated
While more suited to decor and design than industry or agriculture, we still find that many clients request our line of decorative perforated metal.

Decorative perforated metal is available in regular steel as well as aluminum, and with a range of perforation designs. We also offer two gauges in steel, all with different weights.

Discuss your needs with your sales representative to find the product that meets your needs and your budget.

Decorative Perforated Metal



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