Continental Wire Cloth is proud to offer both Channel / Safety and Bar Grating.

Please note that Channel / Safety Grating is suitable for pedestrian walk ways, but not for vehicles. If the grating is to be used as a vehicle ramp, please use Bar Grating instead.




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Channel grating
Channel grating is a rigid, plank-type grating, designed for use as pedestrian walk ways. The product is manufactured with either a serrated diamond or a round hole surface.

This grating has all weather, multi-directional traction with an open design that allows slip inducing material to fall through.

Please note that this grating is not designed to bear heavy loads. If you are looking for grating suitable for vehicles to drive over, please check out our selection of bar grating instead.

Channel Safety Grating



Bar grating
Bar grating is made out of various flat bars, held in place by a twisted round bar that is welded into position.

This type of grating is available in either flat or serrated top varieties, the latter of which is designed to provide extra grip. Typical applications for this product include vehicle ramps.

Bar Grating



Ladder rungs
Building a ladder that you need hard wearing, safety conscious rungs for? Our range of ladder rungs in steel, aluminum and stainless steel, complete with complementary bolt seats, are purpose made for the job.

Choose your size and material, count how many steps you need, and order accordingly.

Ladder Rungs



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